1962 Graham’s Malvedos Port ($150)


Tasted on my father’s birthday and expressed by one of my grandfather’s paintings. William Saltzman


The nice folks at www.theportforum.com brought to my attention the fact that Grahams didn’t make a Vintage Port in 1962.  Instead, they made a Malvedos and below is the picture to prove it.  Thanks for your insight guys!


4 thoughts on “1962 Graham’s Malvedos Port ($150)”

  1. Oh Benjamin, you naughty boy, and we were so nice to you. Everyone at the Port Forum said that there was no Graham’s Vintage Port declared in 1962 and one even said that there was a Malvedos and another said that there was an LBV. Malvedos is made in non-full declaration years, I have plenty of 1996 Malvedos but don’t claim it to be Graham’s VP, even though it is made by Graham’s and is a Vintage Port. You have changed the title since we informed you.

    Be nice and give credit where it is due and thanks for the link.

  2. Benjamin,

    Thanks for listening to us when we being a little obsessive about your original title. Its good to see the picture of the bottle that you shared with your father and grandfather and my compliments on the picture that your grandfather painted to express his experience of this elderly port.

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