4 thoughts on “1996 Domaine Bernard Faurie Hermitage Rouge, Rhone, France ($65)”

  1. So are you saying that this wine is in denial of its own true nature? That it forces you to abandon empirical judgment? That it has neglibible notes of tobacco? That it’s an esoteric postmodern exercise?

    (Speaking of early 20th century French art, I’m very curious as to which wine will get the Duchamp “Fountain” as its review.)

  2. Possibly, or possibly not. . .

    First of all, thanks for the post. It is very thoughtful and important.

    Perhaps it would help if I explained the context of tasting this wine. We opened it in the kitchen while preparing dinner, and it was overwhelmingly smoky and rich. It reminded me of sitting in one of those dark and worn leather chairs while smoking a pipe (and hence pondering intensely, hence Foucault).

    Then, I went outside to tender the BBQ and amongst the smoke of the fire, the smokiness of the wine disappeared completely and was replaced by dark cherry and other rich fruit flavors.

    The point is not exactly the same one that Magritte is possibly making (that the image of the pipe is not a pipe, though that is an interesting comment on our methodology and website).

    I will surely use the “Fountain” when I taste the 2001 Chateau D’Yquem in 50 years. Thanks for the idea!


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