2000 Guigal Cotes de Rhone, France ($15)


This was drawn at a party where I was hired to be the sommelier for the evening. After tasting the guests through a number of bottles from the host’s collection, I split everyone into two groups. I then bagged two different wines (which had already been opened and tasted by many of the guests). The members of each group filled their glasses with their respective group’s unknown wine and then drew a picture to represent their impression of it so that the other team could guess the wine. Everyone had a blast! And, what’s more, Group A guessed that the above picture (drawn by Group B) represented a syrah. Then, they promptly specified the Guigal Cotes de Rhone! Following this, Group A displayed their picture and David (of group B) guessed immediately and without hesitation that Group A’s wine was the 2001 Querciabella Chianti Classico. And, he got it right! It was a ton of fun and a huge success. (If anyone was there and would like a copy of this picture, just e-mail me!) Thanks to everyone!


3 thoughts on “2000 Guigal Cotes de Rhone, France ($15)”

  1. This is apparently over my head. All I get is the message that anyone who drinks this wine has money to burn, which either means that it’s expensive (which it isn’t particularly) or that it’s not worth whatever it costs. What am I missing? Please enlighten.

  2. Dear Dennis, Thanks for your comment. This kind of discussion is a vital part of Chateau Petrogasm.

    While I didn’t participate in the creation of the picture, I did taste the wine and overhear some of Group B’s discussion. I can therefore attempt to give my understanding of the picture, but if anyone in group B wishes to comment, please feel free to do so.

    I recall overhearing a mention of a hooker (hence the sexy woman with $$). The wine had heat and smoke, but it was more like evidence of heat and smoke overpowered by the smoothness and roundedness of the sexy woman. Plus, the addition of the word “merci” somehow links the wine to France (how Group B was [sub ]consciously able to make that connection is rather impressive).

    Anyways, I hope this answers some of your questions. But, please keep asking them. I think this dialog is incredibly valuable.

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