3 thoughts on “1997 Domaine Leroy, Romanee St. Vivant, Burgundy Grand Cru ($950)”

  1. Thanks for the comment. It is interesting that you say that, since the idea of posting multiple (completely different) images for the same wine was something that we discussed prior to reviewing this 1997 Leroy. But, with this wine in particular, we each got something totally different out of it. For me, this Edward Weston image encapsulates it perfectly. The light, the nuisances, the woman, the color, the woman’s hair, the woman’s age, the woman’s position, etc. For TSS, the mushroom’s simplicity and imaginary flavor represents a different reaction. This is where it really gets interesting, with wines that speak differently to different people. Yet, when you look at the images together, there is some resemblance (the solitude of the subject of the pictures and the simplicity of the backgrounds, for instance).

    But, yes, I would have to agree, the second image is more intriguing to *me,* but not necessarily to all!

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