6 thoughts on “2006 Abantu, South African Syrah/Cab Blend ($29.99)”

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    No problem!

    I’ve loved every post (since the Snooth boys pointed you out to me), but I found this one especially evocative, as indicated.

    Oh, btw, that WordPress email validator you’re using? It’s fundamentally broken. (It wrongly believes that is not a valid LHS character in an email address.) I know this because I hacked it to fix it for a friend’s WP install I host. Relatively few dorks (like me) will care, just saying.

  2. Er, it wrongly believes that the plus-sign-that-wordpress-decides-is-a-null-character (sigh, and now I know which version of WP you’re using too) is not a valid LHS character in an email address.

    The point is that I should be able to tell you my email address is somejerk chateaupetrogasm@mydomain.dom (and then I notice when you’ve been evil and sold my email address, because my mail server only uses the left of the plus sign for delivery but passes the whole thing through), but naive email validators only allow letters and numbers on the left of the at sign, in violation of the relevant RFCs. (Fortunately, they’re not actually delivering email, but it’s entirely possible that they will reject completely valid email addresses that people may want to use when posting to your site.)

  3. Howdy Partner, what made you want to write on Abantu, South African Syrah/Cab Blend ($29.99) at Wine Reviews at Chateau Petrogasm? I was wondering, because I have been thinking about this since last Friday.

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