2 thoughts on “2000 Domaine Bertrand Ambroise Ladoix Grechons Blanc, Burgundy, France ($32)”

  1. I worked on this ‘vandange’, picking the very grapes that made this vintage. I worked from first light to sunset in very high temperatures, only to be mocked and spited for being ‘Anglais’ by my co-workers (even though I explained I was not English!) A co-vandangeur planted drugs in my suitcase, and when I explained my worried to Bertrand, I got nothing but arrogance, the word ‘hooliganisme’ (or sounding as such) being muttered by one of his cooks at me, because I was complaining. I left the farm, was paid a terrible 20 euros a day for all the back-breaking hours work – it must have worked out at 1.5 euro an hour. It was a terrible time, and portrayed racism in France for me. The last time I will visit rue l’eglise in Premeaux Prissey.

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