5 thoughts on “1990 Perrier Jouët, Fleur de Champagne ($200)”

  1. is this reall the bottle that came from the “display” box sent out by the Edgar Bronfman familY? If so Cheers! it was really fine and did not produce the “champagne headache” caused by the cheaper bottles.

    Thanks for the tip on price… Edgar was nice to send it with glasses no less.
    Cheers to

    1990 Perrier Jouët, Fleur de Champagne ($200)”

  2. another point.. The photo with the Harp, and people watching evokes exactly what this Champangne produced in the taste buds. “Harp” like smooth-ness as our friends at Merriam Webster say smooth
    Pronunciation: \?smüth\
    Function: adjective
    Etymology: Middle English smothe, from Old English sm?th; akin to Old Saxon sm?thi smooth
    Date: before 12th century
    1 a (1): having a continuous even surface
    — it was very smooth indeed… just like the surface of
    an Atget print. Great Selection on that BAS.
    From the Fluffmiester.

  3. Franck,
    You are absolutely right on both accounts. And indeed, Perrier Jouet is certainly one of my favorite producers (after having tasted more than 100 bottles to date I feel confident in saying that).



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