3 thoughts on “2005, Solms-Hegewisch, Africana Shiraz (desiccated on the vine), $38”

  1. This review is striking. I am not sure that it completely makes sense to me, but it certainly allows me to visualize the wine. I suppose that’s the point!

  2. Thanks. The wine is striking. If you can find it get a bottle. They use a process that goes back to the romans called “Dessication on the vine”. The stem is pinched when it reached a certain brix with pliers, cutting off water flow and causing the fruit to dry slightly before picking. The resultant juice has a concentration that has a slight touch of amarone like concentration but still fresh. Its really cool. Imported by Vinum Global. I know they are distributed on the west coast.
    The girl was sexy, like the wine, and i thought the candy stripes showed the fruit quality and the blood/slashed dress spoke to the dessication. Hey – I tried!

  3. I bought three bottles of this from the farm in SA, it’s a fantastic wine. I’m saving my third for Christmas.

    The Solms farm was by far the best when it came to the tasting tour.

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