15 thoughts on “2006 Yellow Tail Shiraz / Grenache, SE Australia ($9)”

  1. Should have gone with the Reserve Shiraz, a whopping two dollars more and it’s apparently worthy of a Top 100 spot from WS (?!?)

  2. I’ve tried but I simply cannot resist commenting on this image. In my experience, dogs drink from toilet bowls quite commonly. We have three dogs, one of which drinks out of the toilet bowl. He also eats cat poop, again not an uncommon taste for dogs; at least that is what my veterinarian wife contends. If our dog had his druthers toilet water would be his prime source of liquid refreshment, and cat poop an enjoyable appetizer. So it looks like this vintage of [yellow tail] Shiraz is one hell of a drink.

    Now if the dog’s owner had his/her head in the toilet bowl…..

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  4. I’ve only recently got into wine…and to be quite honest after quite a few bottles and different styles/regions/prices i actually liked this wine quite a bit in comparison. I’ve also noticed that i’ve been floating towards the Southeastern Australian wines…

    Why you ask? I’m more of a whisky sipper(note the lack of an “e” in “whisky”)…so naturally i like a bit of bite with my cocktail and this has a nice zing to it. Now, being a rookie wine drinker i can also admit that “zing” may not be appropriate for a wine…but my taste buds enjoyed it quite a bit. in fact i would consider it one of my favorite as of now!

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