7 thoughts on “2004, Davenport & Co. Russian River Cuvee Pinot Noir, Russian River Valley, $30”

  1. A good review for a CA pinot on Ch. Petrogasm?!! And from RRV!

    From past reviews I’d expected a pic of Jena Jamison bending over and spreading her cheeks.


    Nice surprise.

  2. Hah, Josh, we were just talking about Jena Jamison at dinner the other night. But, it was in reference to some Bordeaux (I think). In any case, we have definitely reviewed CA pinot before and on occasion done so with “positive” images.

    Can’t wait to taste yours!



  3. OK – not knowing who Jenna Jameson was I had to go look.
    Dudes – drink whatever swill you see her as at your own risk. Best used as a review for some Italian radiator fluid blend…
    I take it from Josh’s comment that the Chateau is infested with Francophiles?
    You’d better drink up your Burgundy while you can – the Chinese will be buying it all up soon. Tax barrier in HK just went down and mainland is not far behind. Get used to paying in the hundreds for village level wines anytime now…….

  4. I hope you’re wife wasn’t looking over your shoulder!

    (And, re: the price of Burgundy and other French wine, you are absolutely right. Any given ’06 Burgundy will not be nearly as good as its 05 counterpart, but it will be twice the price. That’s futures pricing too! Just wait until they are on the shelves.)



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