5 thoughts on “2005 Dominus Proprietary Red, Napa Valley ($149.99) consistant review over 11 bottles.”

  1. I’m sad I missed this tasting, though it seems like a shame to even open that bottle at this point. At least the notes were consistent!

  2. NYBreton-
    Consistant over 11 bottles, not concluded after 11 bottles. And those are buttons, not sores.

  3. This picture must be a recognition that this wine is waaaay too young to be drunk before, at least 2015. The picture says to me…….to drink 2005 Dominus before 2015 makes as much sense as a young girl with buttons sewed onto her limbs. Case in point, I had the 1996 Dominus two weeks ago and even with an hour of decanting the wine was not peaking.

  4. I chose this image because I felt that despite the fact that this wine is young and closed; it is beautiful, curious, lively and full of potential. I say live a little wild and pop a current vintage now and then.

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