4 thoughts on “2007 Crane Lake Cabernet Sauvignon, CA ($5)”

  1. Awesome, I buy it for under 5 bucks and you can’t find a better wine for that price, could sell for a lot more!

  2. This is the best tasting Cabernet Sauvignon I’ve ever tasted “for the price.” I can also get it for less than $5.00 for a 750ml bottle. And, I love the fact that they use “real cork,” too! I don’t know why, but wines with synthetic corks have that “rubbery smell and taste,” so I only buy a wine if it has “real cork!”

  3. Forget the critics. I’ve served this wine to dozens of friends and they all think it is a $15 – $20 cab. The critics who say it has a high tanic taste are also nuts! I think 2007 was the best year for this cab however, 2009 is also quite good. 2010 tends to be a bit more tanic as the critics suggest however it is still very drinkable. This is the best cab for the price, bar none.

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