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Well underway with almost 30 reviews beneath our belts, we have begun to add some new features to the site. The Petro-Poll section (accessible from the “Navigate the Château” links on the left) allows our readers to sound their melodious voices on issues that matter most to you! Don’t be shy; declare yourself!

More important and interesting than the Petro-Poll, however, is another alternative wine review site: The Red Wine Haiku Review. Lane Steinberg has come up with an acute method of conveying the impression of wines. Some reviews are intentionally serious:

25)Marquis Phillips Shiraz (Australia) 2002
A velvet hammer
The blood of an animal
Heretofore unknown

Many of them are downright hilarious:

266) A Mano Primitivo 2005 (Italy)
Fresh as a daisy
I mean Daisy, the stripper
Sweet, racy, & loud

And others are simply ingenious:
247) Masi Classico Amarone 1979 (Italy)
Riding a stallion
Through a harvest at full speed

Dragging furniture

Check it out!