Chateau Petrogasm has finally opened its doors!

We now invite our friends and fellow Petrogasts to become residents of the Chateau. With this honor bestowed upon you, you may now post your own wine reviews at Chateau Petrogasm.

Work your way up to Residency by posting more reviews:

  • 0-5 Reviews: Petrogast (just a frequent visitor to the Chateau)
  • 5-10 Reviews: Vidame
  • 10-15 Reviews: Esquire
  • 15-20 Reviews: Chevalier
  • 20-25 Reviews: Marquis

And, upon your 26th review you are given the honor of Residency and officially become a Resident of the Chateau, one of the most noble positions in the world!

If you wish to pursue this honor, you may register here:

For instructions on posting wine reviews, please download this .pdf file (coming soon . . . ).

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best of luck!

-The Residents of Chateau Petrogasm


Do you have your own website or blog? Tell the world that you’re a Resident! (Just copy this code and paste it wherever you like).

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