certa bonum certamen

If you like what we are doing and wish to become a resident please consider donating. Your donations keep the Chateau up and running. When you donate to Chateau Petrogasm, your name will be listed on our homepage under the “Supporters of the Chateau” heading. Thank you for your generosity.


There are three different tiers of membership:


Angel – $10

Archangel – $25

Resident – $50 and up




Photographic and Art Prints

We have received a number of inquires about the sale of our photographs. In response to this, all art created by residents of the Chateau will now be for sale. Photographic prints, suitable for framing are $85 and drawings are $20. Each print will include the name of the wine along with our logo inscribed on the back. Please be sure to include the name of the corresponding wine in the PayPal form so that we know which work of art to send you.

Photographic Print:

Art Print:


Resident Subscription

The highest honor in the Chateau is reserved for the title of “Certified Resident.” To become a Certified Resident you must subscribe to Chateau Petrogasm for $9.99 a month. Then, we will grant you the ability to post wine reviews. If, after one month, they meet our standards of quality, your name will be added with the Certified Resident title to the “About” section of the website. Begin by subscribing now!



More coming soon!



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